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We service all of South Orange County and provide full service plumbing and drain cleaning, including maintenance and repairs. Our rates do not increase on the weekends. O'Connor Plumbing works on both small and  large jobs.

 - Terracina - HOA
 - Vista Pacifica - HOA
 - Serabrisa - HOA
 - Lantern Bay - HOA
 - Commercial Real Estate Network
 - Boardwalk Development
 - Hollybrook Senior Living of Orange
 - Houg Hospital Surgical Center
 - Action Property Management






We have experienced enough work with large associations and have gained tons of knowledge with custom and track homes around the OC. So we have created a home maintenance program, if you live in South Orange County. Please call O'Connor Plumbing for more details... (949) 842-1144

Looking for a plumber you can trust? Look no further! O'Connor Plumbing has the most knowledgeable design team. 

We have great recommendations for you bathroom or kitchen needs.

Commercial Accounts

- Rhodes Development
- Sand Canyon Medical Building
- Capistrano Realty
- Commercial Real Estate Network
-  Boardwalk Development
-  Hollybrook Senior Living of Orange
-  Ignite Health
-  Platinum Dental
- O’Connor Mortuary
- City of Rancho Santa Margarita

- City of San Juan Capistrano


Service & Repair



South Orange County, CA

O'Connor Plumbing has had a long term contract with the Newport Medical Center for the up keep of drains and building piping systems, including maintain of all the office suites. 




Whether O'Connor Plumbing is providing plumbing, property repairs or tenant improvements, we enjoy the long-term business relations that we have forged with our customers over the years. O'Connor Plumbing stills understand the importance of treating our customers with personalized service and old-fashioned values based on character and integrity. We care about our customers and give them a high level of the professionalism they deserve. You can count on O'Connor Plumbing and this is why it set's us apart from the rest of our competitors.