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Outside bathroom Jacuzzi lounge.

Bamboo toilet stall.

Flintstone style tub.

Upscale master  penthouse bathroom, located in Irvine.

Outside stand-up shower with teak flooring, and a slate wall, located in Laguna Niguel.

Rain shower with open floor plan.

High-end master bathroom.

Serenity style bathroom, with open glass wall to overlook Laguna Beach Canyon.

Jacuzzi tub with duel entry shower.

Bathroom installed in Laguna Beach

Lets face it. Bathrooms are not just bathrooms. We need them everyday.

So, why not make your bathroom into one of the best rooms in your house? Below are great feel-good bathrooms, leaving you wanting just one more minute to relax and remain in the moment.  

Bathroom portfolio

Great idea!

Added a bathroom on the top at the roof with beautiful view including skylight.


Installed a bathroom in a high-end spa.

Romantic Jacuzzi for a resort.


South Orange County, CA


Fantastic steam room.